While we offer unlimited design options to our clients, we also have opportunities for unlimited growth for our employees. Code Unlimited employees can work remotely and enjoy flexible hours to achieve work-life balance not typically seen in the design-construction industry. We treat our employees as valuable assets with a vast potential for personal and professional growth; offering mentorship and opportunities to exercise creativity, expand their technical abilities, and learn entrepreneurial skills at all levels of employment.

"The benefits to working for Code Unlimited are the strong mentoring in both technical and management skills, opportunity for advancement and working with other design professionals."
- Code Unlimited Employee

"I enjoy the involvement in various projects at different levels, the presence of different skill sets within the company which helps to solve technical problems and the opportunities for client interactions and site visits"
- Code Unlimited Employee

"Working at Code Unlimited means working with a great team. My employers are invested in my career and I get to work on fantastic, interesting, and sometimes marvelous projects."
- Code Unlimited Employee

We are always on the lookout for creative building code and fire analysts. Please send resumes, professional writing samples and job inquiries to: