Our high-rise experience overlaps with several other market sectors and is therefore often not recognized as a specialty type of building. However, we analyze these projects for the unique challenges they offer in seismic, egress, fire protection, smoke control, occupant factors and several other areas that require special attention in high-rise buildings.

Project Experience:

  • 2000 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA, Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects
  • Student Recreation Center, Portland State University, Portland, OR, YGH Architecture
  • Block 43, Portland, OR, SERA Architects
  • Block 48, ZGF Architects, Seattle, WA
  • Commonwealth Building, Portland, OR, GBD Architects
  • 47 Story High-rise, Confidential Clients, Seattle, WA
  • Ladd Tower, Portland, OR, Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects
  • Lovejoy Block, Portland, OR, LRS Architects
  • Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Portland, OR, SERA Architects
  • Mirabella, Portland, OR, Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects
  • The Nines, Portland, OR, Skylab Architecture
  • One Waterfront Place, Portland, OR, Boora Architects
  • OHSU, Collaborative Life Sciences Building, Portland, OR, SERA Architects
  • Overlook Apartments, Portland, OR, TVA Architecture
  • Park Avenue West Tower, Portland OR, TVA Architects
  • Safeco Building, Seattle, WA, Brereton Architects
  • Seven Condos, Portland, OR, Boora Architects
  • SECO Southport Building, Seattle, WA, ZGF Architects
  • SouthPort Hotel. Portland, OR, MG2 Architecture
  • Standard Insurance Building, Portland, OR, GBD Architects
  • Tacoma General Hospital, Tacoma, WA, GBJ Architects
  • W Seattle, Seattle, WA, Skylab Architecture
  • Washington State University, Jensen Byrd Building, Pullman, WA, SERA Architects
  • Weave Building, Portland, OR, Skylab Architecture
  • Wilshire Apartment Complex, Los Angeles, CA, SERA Architects
  • Yeon Building, Portland, OR, Jonathan Rose Companies