Our experience with historical buildings often requires our skills and abilities to assign values where none exist.This market sector requires a higher standard of care and a more creative approach than usual. What you see is often less than what is required. However, drawing from the breadth of our experience we are able to find custom solutions that work with the unique needs of each project.

We negotiate for agreements that compensate for specific code deficiencies while staying true to the building character. These unique solutions draw from our understanding of the intent behind the code regulations and ability to find an alternative that meets or exceeds the level of safety intended by the code. These approaches result in cost savings but more importantly, extend the life of these facilities for the community to enjoy them safely for many more years.

Project Experience:

Oregon State University, McAlexander Field House, Corvallis, OR, YGH Architects

Oregon State University, Memorial Union Building, Corvallis, OR, Opsis Architects

Portland State University, Lincoln Hall, Portland, OR, Bora Architects

University of Oregon, Straub Hall Building, Eugene, OR, Opsis Architects

Governor Hotel, Portland, OR, Woodbine Southwest LLC

Standard Insurance Building, Portland, OR, GBD Architects

Yeon Building, Portland, OR, Jonathan Rose Companies

Cornelius-Woodlark Buildings, Portland, OR, MCA Arhcitects

Fisk Tire, Portland, OR, Alan Jones

Maddox Building, Portland, OR, Richard Brown Architects

Chown Hardware, Portland, OR, David Chown