Principals & Directors


We make your plans possible.

Maybe you envision a community education center that supports the economic ecosystem of your neighborhood. Maybe you are building a sustainable off-grid high-rise. Maybe you want to design airplanes or artificial intelligence. Whatever your plans may be, we will find a way to make them happen.

Associate Principals & Senior Analysts


We provide trusted solutions to complex problems.

For many design industry firms, code regulations are black and white --

but for us, there are unlimited possibilities. We believe in evolving the built environment through understanding the basis of regulatory intent and then creating new pathways to achieve the next level of design. 

Analysts & Project Managers



We seek diversity to fuel our creative practices. 

Owners and Principals, Samir and Asawari Mokashi entered the U.S. as minorities and established Code Unlimited as a successful, award-winning firm. Today, we celebrate their legacy by embracing diversity in experience, race, religion, opinions, and other forms of self-identification. Inclusivity is not just a social responsibility at Code Unlimited; it is the standard for our company-wide culture of proactive ethical and professional practices. It is fuel for our creative and collaborative process that differentiates us in the marketplace. 

Business Office


Pursue knowledge. Be curious and humble. Teach others. Never stop growing.

Respect community. Every voice is valued. Collaborate. Trust the team.

Be confident leaders. Leverage experience.  Inspire others. Effect change.

Practice creativity. Look to the future. Ask hard questions. Live boldly.

Seek superior quality. Seek efficiency. Provide clarity. Exceed expectations.