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Highwest Distillery

Salt Lake City, UT

Distilling for medicine and spirits has been around for centuries with the process evolving from a seemingly magical act of alchemy to mass-production of branded bottles. Constellation Brands’ High West Distillery in Salt Lake City, Utah is a manufacturing facility that has produced barrel aged cocktails and distilled spirits since 2006.

Their newest installment included a new High West Whiskey bottling line comprised of equipment manufactured overseas under different guidelines than the ones required by the Salt Lake City Council.

Our team translated the equipment manual from Italian and then guided our hazard analysis team through equipment reviews, operations of ethanol processing, electrical classifications, NFPA compliance, gas and liquid detection and bulk storage needs for the tenured Constellation brand. While this project had special challenges related to the distinctive, corked tall bottles of their High West Whiskey which are usually meant for fermented wine, rather than distilled higher alcohols, our team was able to satisfy all the requirements and needs of this site to get this production line moving and keep a nostalgic brand alive in modern times.

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