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Home Forward's 3000 Powell

Portland, OR

Four walls and a roof may be the most basic building blocks of architecture, but they are also components of hope, security, and well-being of our neighbors. Today in our Four Walls and a Roof Series we focus on a new affordable housing project coming to SE Portland’s Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood next year.

3000 Powell, developed by Home Forward and designed by Holst Architecture, will create over 200 new low-income apartments on major bus lines near Powell Park and other amenities. Code Unlimited assisted this project by checking for basic code compliance as well as accessibility and safety issues. We will also be doing inspections when construction has begun. The interior amenities include ground floor community rooms, play spaces, services, and spaces for families in need. This four-story, H-shaped development was designed to create courtyards, walkways and playgrounds as well as create a public path through the grounds for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting the blocks where there were once dead-end streets and providing safe outdoor areas for residents of the building as well as the community.

Rents have been rising in Portland for a long time and residential projects like 3000 Powell, as part of Portland’s Housing Bond initiative, are creating over 1300 new units for individuals and families to help them have stable housing and better lives as well as bring a sense of community to the surrounding neighborhood.

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