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Spokane Public Library

Spokane, WA

The Spokane Public Library Downtown Branch, overlooking the Spokane River, is being redesigned for its Spring 2022 reopening as the Central Library. The remodel of this downtown hub will create welcoming community spaces such as a café, computer lab, classrooms, performance spaces, galleries and gathering areas, as well as traditional reading areas with library materials.

As subconsultants to the remodel, Code Unlimited was asked for a smoke control design and analysis for an atrium encompassing the central exit access stairway that will connect all three floors of the building and bring in natural light to the new public spaces. The new atrium will draw patrons through the library with improved flow as well as providing a flexible social stair from the second to third floors, suitable for both formal and informal gatherings.

Code Unlimited developed a unique compliance strategy for the atrium that ensured safety of the public without requiring a smoke control system, thus eliminating the need for mechanical exhaust and makeup air fans, associated emergency power, commissioning, maintenance and testing.

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