We provide guidance on regulations that affect the built environment to notable architecture & engineering firms, government entities, Fortune 500 corporations, private developers, construction companies, and local jurisdictions. Our success is built on trust and respect and our 300+ years combined multi-disciplinary expertise.

We believe in a collaborative approach that extends through all levels of our staff to project stakeholders to engage fresh perspectives with practical experience. Where prescriptive solutions are not feasible, we develop custom solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive code knowledge.




Code Unlimited has a unique approach in solving code-related issues for complex projects. The company will evaluate the intent of the code for each project-specific context, not the literal meaning of the law. This approach can and does open doors to new design solutions.

– Gerhard B. | Architect

We negotiate with jurisdictions to solve compliance issues and address inspector concerns

We provide Alternates & Engineering Judgements to integrate modern materials not in the code

We resolve discrepancies between design intent and as-built construction

We combine technical models with multidisciplinary analysis to solve problems no one else can handle


Our staff of 40+ specialists  review design documents and provide on-site inspections to resolve perceived project limitations for restrictions on building area, number of stories, occupant load, building use, and means of egress. These are just a few areas where we bring value. We hold industry certifications and expertise in ICC, IBC, ADA, cASP, NFPA, Historical & Legacy Codes, Land Use and Zoning, Mass Timber, Seismic Analysis, DoD and UFC regulations.


Our project types include a balance of existing buildings, new construction, and historical buildings in a variety of market sectors. We have provided clarity to complicated requirements for Aviation, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Manufacturing, Government, Healthcare, Education, Recreation, and other facilities and campuses. Some involved existing non-compliant facilities that needed a cost effective and quick solution, while others were facilities being built from the ground up. We ensure your project meets code intent while facilitating your design at any project phase or throughout the integrated design processes.



Accessibility is regulated on federal, state, and local levels, which can make it difficult to understand and comply with overlapping standards. Code Unlimited manages these requirements, from the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act, International Building Codes, state-level amendments, architectural barrier removal in existing buildings, and ICC A117.1 (formerly ANSI) standards.

We also apply additional institutional or owner-requested standards to meet universal design goals beyond the mandated minimums. Our accessibility experts guide your team at all levels, from determining applicable scope, managing design details, and coordinating implementation during construction. Because we know the design and construction process start to finish, we are able to anticipate potential problems before they happen and offer solutions. There are always more options than what meets the eye, and we help discover them.



Our fire protection team services projects ranging from military hangar fueling to residential firewalls. We provide project support from early design consultation to permitting or can jump in at any phase to solve unforeseen issues that arise.


With our collective multidisciplinary experience in fire safety matters, we provide analysis and creative guidance for selecting the right approach - based on cost and ease of maintenance, even in older, more challenging facilities. In addition, we provide research and development for specifications as well as stamped engineering judgments.

Our use and understanding of NFPA and IBC standards, as well as unified facilities criteria, allows us to not only provide answers but also educate our clients about the legacy, code intent, and context of each situation. By providing solutions, rather than problems, we facilitate each project’s success. Our team guarantees design goals are met while ensuring safety for all occupants.




From early design guidance to in-depth fire analysis, our team has the software and technical expertise to support the most unique designs while ensuring safety criteria are met. Our culture of embracing a variety of perspectives opens up thinking to design variables and where small adjustments can save thousands of dollars and hours of large-scale change requests to meet the requirements of the code.

We provide creative analyses for assembly spaces such as airport terminals, enclosed malls, hangars, education centers, theaters, arenas and stadiums. Our team not only meets the challenges of smoke control and egress for large occupant loads but also has the skills to provide structural fire analysis for steel, concrete and mass timber design incorporation. 


Our portfolio of commercial and manufacturing facilities is our largest and most varied market sector. The manufacturing sector includes light industrial, heavy industry, and high-tech industries. Hazardous Waste Management, Hazardous Materials Inventory and Hazardous Waste Management Plans all lie within our area of expertise. We work with bulk gas, semiconductor, manufacturing process hazards, FMEA and HazID, combustible dust and flammable gas dispersion modeling, explosion hazards, as well as general storage and Fire Code and NFPA Code compliance guidance.


Our team of architects, life safety experts, fire protection engineers, and chemical engineers have the depth of knowledge to respond to any regulatory challenge for industrial projects and laboratories and their unique requirements and risk factors. We foster creative problem-solving exercises to provide innovative solutions that satisfy project goals and while meeting code intent. Our firm has developed hazardous materials programs for dozens of Fortune 500 firms, as well as provided insights to the unique conditions for groundbreaking research and development facilities across the Western region and beyond.